Sensei intros vending machine with autonomous cabinets

2022-06-17 13:54:36 378

Sensei, a U.K.-based provider of autonomous stores, has launched its first vending machine utilizing autonomous cabinets, according to a press release.

This AI-powered technology will allow customers to hold and have a close look at products before buying them.

The cabinet door can be opened with the tap of a card or the Sensei app and, after choosing the products they want, customers will automatically be charged for what they decide to keep. Cameras and intelligent shelves in the cabinet recognize products and ensure receipts are accurate.

The autonomous cabinets hold products of all shapes and sizes, so retailers are no longer limited by what they can offer customers. The app also provides operators real-time visibility over stock and sales.

In the coming weeks, Sensei will have dozens of autonomous cabinets operating in stations, universities and office buildings.