Cima NanoTech showcases large touchscreen,large touchscreens

2022-06-22 10:54:38 1303

According to Venturebeat, with the development of technology, touch screens have become an indispensable part of our lives. However, large-scale touch screen technology is still an industry difficulty. Every year at CES, companies say they have made breakthroughs in this field, but every time we are disappointed. But this year maybe we can not be disappointed, a company called Cima NanoTech said its own Sante technology can make large-scale touchscreen into reality.

The company says the new Sante ProTouch module can make touchscreens larger and more responsive, while driving down the price of such products. In the future, large touchscreens are expected to become designers' easels, interactive coffee tables, whiteboards in classrooms, or conference room screens. Also, you can play games or doodle on it.

At this exhibition, the company will display a 65-inch interactive whiteboard, a 55-inch interactive signature wall and a 40-inch interactive desktop. The screen refresh rate of these devices reaches 120 frames per second, and their response time is only 6 milliseconds. In addition, they have 32-point touch capability and can be used by multiple users.

These screens use nanoparticle self-assembly technology, which is very convenient to promote. Cima Touch, a joint venture between Cima NanoTech and Foxconn, says they have mastered the technology to mass-produce large touchscreens, though pricing remains unclear.

Jon Brodd, CEO of Cima NanoTech, said in a statement: "We're not just hype, it took a decade to develop this technology, and we'll use it to develop more innovative new technologies in the future. products, and in addition, our prices will be very competitive.”