Delphi Display Systems intros outdoor kiosk for QSR drive-thru

2022-12-19 17:41:42 854

Delphi Display Systems Inc., a provider of consumer engagement and business optimization technology solutions for the quick-service restaurant industry, has launched Endura 32X, an outdoor digital display solution designed to support autonomous voice ordering applications for the QSR drive-thru market, according to a press release.

The 32 inch outdoor display and speaker post platform includes sensors to facilitate integration with third-party loyalty, payment and interactive kiosk applications.

With no fans or moving parts, the kiosk is maintenance free and will not interfere with sensitive drive-thru communication systems.

The Endura 32X speaker post mount has been designed to accommodate a number of sensors including a directional microphone optimized for voice AI applications, speaker, Bluetooth radio with high gain antenna, HD camera, QR scanner and optional touchscreen.

For voice AI applications, Delphi provides the customer facing visual interface by leveraging its Insight Engage digital menu software with integrations to multiple point-of-sale systems and cloud-based AI voice ordering platforms. The display can be leveraged to show images and videos in support of upsell, LTOs and other marketing initiatives.