SSD has a touch screen! N re-encryption, iron wall

2022-08-26 17:56:22 1404

Kingston has released a very special mobile SSD, the model "IronKey Vault Privacy 80" (VP80ES for short), which is Kingston's first mobile SSD independent of the operating system, not only using hardware encryption technology, but also equipped with a touch screen.

Kingston VP80ES adopts XTS-AES 256-bit encryption technology, passed FIPS 197 certification,has passed EAL5+ security certification,and has digitally signed firmware, which can resist brute force attacks and BadUSB attacks, dual read-only (write-protected) mode can defend against security threats. It also supports multiple data protection functions, such as PIN/phrase password mode, multiple passwords (admin/user) with configurable password rules, configurable password rules, and also supports the use of space characters in passwords. If you forget the user password, you can recover and read the data through the administrator password, but if you enter the administrator and user passwords incorrectly for 15 consecutive times, the data in the hard disk will be secretly deleted. To reduce the number of failed login attempts, you can click the "eye" icon on the screen to enter your password in clear text. In terms of hardware specifications, the capacity is 480GB, 960GB, 1920GB, the USB-C 3.0 interface, the maximum read and write speed is 250MB/s, and the USB-C 3.0 data cable and USB-C/A 3.0 data are included.