Regarding the choice of infrared and capacitive touch screen all-in-one machine, which one is better

2022-08-12 15:22:42 1413

Regarding the choice of infrared and capacitive touch screen all-in-one machine, which one is better

The touch screen is also an important factor affecting the quotation of the touch screen all-in-one machine. The touch screens on the market include resistive screens, electromagnetic screens, capacitive screens, infrared touch screens, etc. Capacitive screens and infrared touch screens are used in all walks of life because of their quick touch and accurate positioning, while other touch screens are restricted by various factors. It is difficult to be widely used in some fields. So when buying a touch query all-in-one machine, is the capacitive touch better or the infrared touch screen better?


The current infrared touch screen all-in-one machine can have no black borders around the screen, and the touch all-in-one machine of the same size with black borders has a larger display area and is more beautiful. And it has broken through the 100-inch barrier in size.

The touch and click speed of the capacitive touch screen all-in-one machine is faster than that of the external touch screen all-in-one machine. When the finger touches the glass surface, the current of the finger and the capacitance of the metal layer contact under the tempered glass will change, and the frequency of the connected oscillator will also change. The touch position can be accurately located through the difference in the intensity of the frequency change. Without the interference of strong magnetic field, under normal circumstances, the capacitive touch screen all-in-one will not appear offset and inaccurate positioning. The larger the size of the capacitive touch screen all-in-one machine, the more expensive the price, and because of the technical difficulty, the capacitive touch screen all-in-one machine above 55 inches is rare on the market.

Due to the difficulty of producing large-scale capacitive touch screen all-in-one machines, not every manufacturer has the strength to produce capacitive touch screen all-in-one machines with stable performance. Therefore, the answer given on the market is to choose capacitive touch screen all-in-one machines below 32 inches. The above options Infrared touch screen all-in-one machine. The working principle of the capacitive screen: the outermost silica protective glass of the capacitive touch screen is very scratch-resistant, but it is afraid of being knocked by nails or hard objects. If a small hole is knocked out, the interlayer ITO will be damaged, regardless of whether the interlayer ITO is damaged. Or if the ITO layer on the inner surface is damaged during installation and transportation, the capacitive screen will not work properly.

Multi-touch: If you have used an iPhone, you will know that multi-touch is a very useful and fun thing: when browsing the web, you often have to zoom in on a certain area to see it clearly, and it is also very useful when looking at pictures. Of course, without this function, human beings can adapt and achieve their own goals in the same way, just like a mobile phone without touch function, still surfing the Internet, of course, the ease and comfort are different. This is the same as eating meat and vegetables can fill the stomach.

Many people think that multi-touch is limited to zooming in and out. In fact, zooming in and out is just one of the practical application examples of multi-touch. With multi-touch technology, how to apply can be infinitely expanded through infinite imagination. Programmers can apply multi-touch to many aspects, changing or innovating more operation methods to a certain extent. A typical application is that playing the piano on hard glass becomes a reality. If you turn your phone screen into a keyboard, it's still fun to coax a little girl. Another typical example is the PS simulator on the Apple mobile phone, which realizes the combined input of the arrow keys and other buttons at the same time through multi-touch technology.