What are the advantages of infrared multi-touch screen?

2022-07-04 18:08:42 1023

With the popularization of touch products in life, there are more and more touch screen products in our lives. Infrared multi-touch screen is a new type of touch screen, with many advantages and features, which can make everyone more relaxed and comfortable. Operate the touch screen. So, what are the advantages of the new infrared multi-touch screen?

1. Multi-touch is more convenient

       Through the name, you can understand the infrared multi-touch screen. One of the most prominent advantages is that it can perform multi-touch. In addition, with the continuous improvement and improvement of science and technology, the application of infrared technology has also been better optimized, so the infrared multi-touch screen has also been deepened in terms of technological content. The direct result of these aspects is The touch is more efficient and the operation methods are more abundant.

2. High cost performance

       Now there are many types of touch screens, but comparing various types of touch screens together, the price of infrared multi-touch screens is very high. This is because with the optimization and upgrading of the industry, infrared The multi-touch screen has been further optimized in terms of cost, and the various raw materials used are of very reliable quality.

3.Wider application

       The environment in the north and south of my country is very different. In addition, some places have certain particularities in the environment. If the adaptability and stability of the touch screen are not high, it cannot be used normally. The infrared multi-touch screen is very stable and can be used stably in various harsh environments, so now, infrared multi-touch screens have been widely used in all walks of life.