Does it make sense to have a router with a touch screen?

2022-06-10 16:11:34 508

The day before yesterday afternoon, Guoke Electronics released two routers (high and low) officially named "Magic Bean" in Beijing, namely Magic Bean Router and Magic Bean Router LITE, priced at 149 yuan and 119 yuan respectively. We have already reported on this Magic Bean router. Nutshell has released two Magic Bean routers, and launched the "Magic Bean Button" smart home accessories and out of the box: Nutshell Electronics' Magic Bean router.

The biggest special feature of this router is that it is equipped with a 2.4-inch resistive touch screen. Why do you need a screen? Is there anything special about this router?

Advantages of Magic Bean Routing:

1. Almost no setup is required. Whether it is the so-called intelligent routing or traditional routing, there is generally no button, and it needs to be set on the web page or mobile phone. The editor has complained before that any smart home that must be controlled by a mobile phone is a hooligan. Although this Magic Bean router only has a 2.4-inch touch screen, it can complete the Internet settings without a mobile computer.

2. Play routing like a mobile phone. You can simply view the network status and device list directly on the routing screen; enter the geek mode, enable the anti-rubbing network function, and perform system updates. This screen can be combined with routing, for example, as a password reminder when entering the routing background.

3. Security without remembering the password. The password of the Magic Bean router is randomly generated locally, which avoids the problem of password forgetting and leakage.

But there is no perfect product and no perfect launch.

Zhai Kejun's Tucao:

1. What about the good game mode? The press conference said that there is a game mode option. As long as this mode is turned on, the traffic generated by the game will be listed as the highest priority and given priority to pass. However, the high-end version of the Magic Bean Routing obtained by Zhai Kejun does not have this function.

2. There is a "clock" option on the touch screen function list, are we sure we need to see the time on the router?

In fact, there is precedent for touch screen routing

This Magic Bean router claims to be the world's first touch-screen router, but that's not the case. As early as February 2013, AiGaoJi reported on Almond+: a wireless router with an LED touch screen. This Almond+ router is produced by a Taiwanese company. It was sold on in September 2013, and now it is also sold on Taobao, but the transaction volume is not more than 100, which is really pitiful.

Zhai Kejun believes that the problem is not the touch screen, but the price. Today, the price of Almond+ on Taobao is five or six hundred yuan, which is too high. Although the touch screen is more convenient, it is difficult for people to spend several times the price to buy it.

Will touchscreens be a trend?

The router's gimmick is the touchscreen, and the real selling point is simplicity and cheapness. Which router can be plugged in and used, and the girl can also set it up? The editor can't say whether the touch screen will be a trend, but the simplification of settings and operations is definitely the trend. This is also the only router that I like among the many routers in the office.