The Difference between LED and OLED

2022-06-09 11:22:52 495

1. Contrast is different

LEDs cannot control all pixels, so if you want to display black, you have to block the light through liquid crystal molecules. Therefore, some light will always leak out, which will cause the TV to turn gray when it displays a pure black picture. problem, resulting in light leakage.

However, because the OLED screen can directly control the pixels, it can directly turn off the light emission of the pixels, so when a pure black picture is displayed, it is pure black and will not leak light.

2. Different structure

The structure of the LED screen is very complex, with several layers, but the OLED is very thin because it does not need a backlight, so the OLED screen is about one-third the thickness of the LED screen, or even thinner.

3. Different panels

The LED panel cannot solve the problem of smear and afterimage, because it takes time for the liquid crystal molecules to accept the command to transform, so the response time is usually very long, and the minimum is 2ms.

On the other hand, due to the self-luminescence of OLED, the speed of directly controlling the pixels is very fast, and it is difficult to observe the afterimage phenomenon.