Automated store with touch screen

2022-05-05 18:21:29 502

The next generation of food tech solutions is launching in Europe — a modern, fully automated store concept.

Foodies Shop & Go concept offers fresh food available for purchase in a hassle-free consumer experience with automated payment process. After scanning a credit or debit card or the according app upon entering the Foodies Shop & Go store, consumers are free to pick their favorite food items and just walk out.

The system is based on precise tracking sensors, recognizing which products are taken, monitoring the consumer movements and using advanced tracing software while fully protecting privacy and data security at the same time.It surveys all product information accurately while the tracking sensor detects all visitors to differentiate and allocate the selected products to the right people.

An additional step of human verification may take place in the background, if needed, to complement the automatic transaction. This ensures that every consumer is only charged for what he or she takes and allows them to enjoy a fast and convenient shopping experience. An innovative, and attendant-free food market has never been this secure, easy, and tasty.